Free Pickup/Dropoff
We will personally come to your place to pickup and dropoff the computer, for free!
Flat-Fee Full Service
We will provide all of the repair, cleanup, tuneup, and protection services for a flat rate. No nickel and diming!
Junk the Junk
We use a wide array of specialized tools & utilities for cleaning up the contents of the computers software platforms.
Get Protected
Installation of non-intrusive & efficient Anti-Virus software. Ensures maximum stability & performance with the least amount of nonsense.
Up to Speed
Once everything is cleaned up, it's time to start optimizing the computer. We go through all the hardware and software configurations to ensure the computer will run it's fastest.
Pardon Our Dust
We go "under the hood" and liberate the dust buildup from your computer. Heat is any computers enemy and dust is heat's catalyst. We ensure that everything inside and out gets cleaned up thorougly.
Hardware Check
Any computer only runs as well as the hardware inside, so we do an analysis of specific components to ensure the integrity of the computers hardware.
With our guarantee, we will ensure everything runs as well as the day the computer is returned, or we will fix it again, for free! Read more about it on the services page.

Give us a call at (330) 828-6490 and we can setup an appointment! Alternatively, check the contact page for other contact methods.